Alternative Means of Gardening

I’ve only ever owned one house with land that gave me a really great garden. There have been some that would grow a few things and others that even had unhealthy weeds. But the one I’m in now doesn’t even have a good space for an in ground garden. 

So far, I’ve been successful growing a handful of herbs and flowers in pots. Pots are one of those great small space garden alternatives that even add a beauty of their own. They also allow for moving plants around so you can customize your layout for asthetics, water or sun.

But as usual, I want more. I want a place where I can grow enough vegetables to eat well for part of the year at least. But because of my space constraints and lack of garden soil, I’m forced to turn to alternative means of growing. 

I decided to build a small, raised garden bed. It was a very simple project that I hope will yield a lot of food for the little work that went into it. I went down to Home Depot and bought a 2 x 12 x 16, several bags of garden soil and that was about it. I cut the lumber into 2 two foot lengths and two six foot lengths. Then I fastened them together with deck screws. This gave me twelve square feet of garden space which should be plenty for what I want to do this year.

I positioned the raised bed along the south side of my house where there was a dead patch of the lawn. This location gets amazing sun exposure throughout the day. I just need to remember to keep it watered.

So far, the only seeds I’ve planted are pumpkin, zucchini, watermelon, yellow summer squash, spaghetti squash and golden wax beans. I have high hopes for these plants this year. 

Photo Challenge Day 17 – Thyme Blossom

Ok, today was bad. I forgot to take a photo all day because I was so busy. So toward the end of the day I just looked around for the first thing that had some color to it and used that as a subject. The obvious choices were the potted perennials and annuals in my back yard. Here is what I ended up with. I know this was a lazy and uninspired day but sometimes you have those.

30 Days of Photos – Day 17

Thyme Blossom

Photo Challenge Day 11 – Pink Celosia

I’ve been slowly building my container garden in the back yard. One plant I really enjoy is Celosia. It’s feathery spires come in several different colors. I have pink orange and red. The orange are brilliant and deep in color but I chose the pink because it’s a unique color to my garden and my picture of it was sharper than my pictures of the orange ones. I’ve been taking a lot of flower, garden and nature pictures lately due to all of the spring blooms. Hopefully I can keep some color throughout much of the summer. But it will start getting harder as the temperature starts getting hotter.

30 Days of Photos – Day 11

Day 11 – Pink Celosia

Photo Challenge Day 3 – Watering Can

[bctt tweet=”Using things that are beautiful and functional is more enjoyable than using something designed only for utility.” username=”RyanDavisons”]

This watering can and the pots were left at our house by the previous owners. I thought the can was unique and interesting. I have a bigger one that I actually use for watering plants. This one is mostly for show. But, perhaps I will use it anyway. Using things that are beautiful and functional is more enjoyable than using something designed only for utility.

30 Days of Photos Day 3 – Watering Can

Just for fun, I’ve included a few other photos of the watering can that I had considered for this post. Comment below if you like one of them better than the one I chose.

Raspberry Leaf

I was surprised to wake up Saturday morning and find it had rained during the night. It was a light rain as evidenced by the not quite soaked chair cushions and outdoor rug. But it was enough to leave droplets on the raspberry leaves that are starting to grow up in one of my garden pots.

Each leaf is unique with its own patterns and colors. I spent some time working my way around the small cluster of canes, finding leaves that were well shaped and facing the right direction. I worked with the composition of the subjects to see if I liked them centered or offset, clustered or single. Then I had to think about where the light was and if the image had enough in it. It was only 7:00am so there were plenty of shadows amongst the leaves to contend with.

I made several images that I really liked. But in the end I chose the one below for this post because of its simplicity, color and angle. I love being able to find such beautiful subjects right in my own back yard.