Bad Art Ideas: Toilet Seat Wreath

I’m all for abstract art but I think there has to be a limit. For me, that limit is a Christmas wreath made from a toilet seat. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are far worse holiday offenses out there like adults dressing up like pink bunnies, putting out cookies for fat reverse burglars and the worst offense – putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.

The toilet seat wreath, however, still ought to be considered at least a minor offender.  For one thing, it’s too obvious. It’s basically already a wreath. All you’re doing is hot gluing tacky things to it.

I get it, people think it’s funny to put something associated with defecation on their door or wall. Who wouldn’t want to be known for that? But just like bad posts on social media could cost you a future job, bad decorations at Christmas can cost you the respect of, well, everyone.

No, no, no and once again – NO!

Just Say No To Holiday Leap Frog

I try not to get annoyed at too many things in life. Annoyances, left unchecked, tend to make people miserable. But there are a handful of things that still really get to me. One of those things is the displaying of Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  We play up Halloween as if it’s a real holiday and then start throwing up the lights and plastic reindeer before the sugar rush has even begun to wear off. I understand why stores skip Thanksgiving. They haven’t figured out how to make money from it (yet). But let me here plead with my neighbors and anyone reading this to forgo tossing up the tinsel until after Thanksgiving. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. But Thanksgiving is a close second. It’s a great time to get together with family and friends and show our gratitude to God for providing us with so much in our lives. But too often it gets ignored until that fateful Thursday when we stuff ourselves with food, watch a football game and then go to sleep early. It’s no wonder that we give the day such short shrift though. There’s no build-up, no anticipation and no backing by all those people playing holiday leap frog by putting up Santa knickknacks the day after we celebrate evil, death and mayhem. To these people I say: take a cold shower and rid yourself of the urge to dilute one of America’s finest days for celebrating all we have.