Photo Challenge Day 17 – Thyme Blossom

Ok, today was bad. I forgot to take a photo all day because I was so busy. So toward the end of the day I just looked around for the first thing that had some color to it and used that as a subject. The obvious choices were the potted perennials and annuals in my back yard. Here is what I ended up with. I know this was a lazy and uninspired day but sometimes you have those.

30 Days of Photos – Day 17

Thyme Blossom

Photo Challenge Day 16 – Water Splash

I like freezing motion as much as long exposures of things that stay still. Today I played around with water splashes. None of them came out exceptionally clear since it’s hard to judge exactly where the splash is going to be. But this is one of the better images. My son likes it because when looked at far away it resembles a mitten and he thought that was cool. 

30 Days of Photos – Day 16

Water Splash

Photo Challenge Day 15 – Killdeer Chick

A few weeks ago I discovered a Killdeer Plover nest along the route I walk in my neighborhood. Each day I would walk past and the parents of the eggs would run out to meet me and try to distract me away from the nest. They seemed extra anxious this week and I guess it’s because the eggs were hatching.

Over the course of four or five days the eggs kept disappearing. Finally, one morning I went past and there were only two eggs left. They were disappearing so quickly I assumed they were being eaten by something. This made sense because the nest was on the ground a few inches from the sidewalk. A dog or any other animal could have had a quick bite to eat on their way by.

I took a second walk that day and this time there was only one egg left! I came closer and noticed a little chick where one of the eggs had been that morning. The adult birds were very upset that I was taking such an interest in their family. They were squaking their heads off and running at me like they wanted to peck my face off. 

I went back home to grab my camera. When I got there I researched plover hatching and discovered they hatch and walk away from the nest on the same day. I hustled back there, took a few photos and went on with my day. Sure enough, later in the afternoon I went by again and the chick was gone. Today all the eggs were gone.

30 Days of Photos – Day 15

Killdeer Plover Chick

Photo Challenge Day 13 – Colored Pencil Tube

For a while now I’ve been wanting to make a pencil holder or a pencil box out of pencils. Of course regular pencils are a little boring so I decided to go with colored pencils. I’ll write up a post in the future about how to make them. For now I’ll just show you the finished tube.

30 Days of Photos – Day 13

Day 13 – Colored Pencil Tube

Photo Challenge Day 12 – Shadow of a Tree

For today’s photo I went outside at night and hunted out shadows made by the streetlight on my corner. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was insane for standing outside on my lawn with a tripod and camera in the dark. But what do they know? I liked this image because it looks like some sort of tree monster stalking someone.

30 Days of Photos – Day 12

Nine O’clock Shadow

Photo Challenge Day 11 – Pink Celosia

I’ve been slowly building my container garden in the back yard. One plant I really enjoy is Celosia. It’s feathery spires come in several different colors. I have pink orange and red. The orange are brilliant and deep in color but I chose the pink because it’s a unique color to my garden and my picture of it was sharper than my pictures of the orange ones. I’ve been taking a lot of flower, garden and nature pictures lately due to all of the spring blooms. Hopefully I can keep some color throughout much of the summer. But it will start getting harder as the temperature starts getting hotter.

30 Days of Photos – Day 11

Day 11 – Pink Celosia