Just Keep Moving Pal

I don’t know why people in cars always feel the need to stop for pedestrians. I’m not talking about when I’m half way into the street. I’ll thank you to stop at that point. It’s when I’m half a block from a crosswalk and the person is sitting there smiling and waving like a mad man for me to go.

I mean, the guy in the car could get out of the way really quickly but instead, he forces me to hurry up and get across the street fast so I don’t feel like a jerk holding him up. I don’t want to be rushed. I’m already walking, I don’t need to enhance my exercise.

Some people even stop when they have a green light or when they’re at a stop sign and there’s no one else around. Just go! I understand trying to be nice but at some point we need to keep traffic moving people.

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