I started this blog because of my many interests and passions. I needed a place where I could just throw my thoughts down for my own future reference. In many ways, this blog is like a traditional weblog. It’s a daily gathering of my thoughts and experiences. It’s also a place where, hopefully, I can help others by providing knowledge and information about subjects including computer programming, creativity, art and, humor.

I earn my living as a full stack programmer/developer and GIS administrator. I build complex web apps for desktop and mobile devices. I also have an additional background in business and political science. During my geospatial career, I have had the pleasure of working with customers from multiple major professions that consume or produce GIS data and services. I’ve applied GIS analysis and mapping technology for users in the military,  law enforcement, community planning, engineering, every major utility (water, wastewater, electrical…), environmental monitoring and others.

When I’m not designing web apps and maps you can usually find me with a camera. I’ve been an ardent photographer for many years. I now focus my efforts on creating fine art images using intentional camera movement and multiple exposure techniques. I’m drawn to the natural surroundings around me here in western Colorado. These surroundings make up the majority of my photographic subjects.

In addition to this blog, you can follow me on the following sites:

My fine art photography can be viewed at https://RyanDavisonPhotography.com

Github: @RyanDavison